Friday, January 14, 2011

Nutso last month

I'll take a shot at recapping our whirlwind December/early January.

Until December 20th we had a good bit of down time. We visited Cosi 3 or 4 times and just generally had a lot of fun. This is really one of the only times of the year where we feel like our jobs allow us the freedom to relax a little bit, so we took those 10 days or so and did just that.

Then we went off to Waynesfield to be with Melissa's family. Fun times. Melissa's parents were super gracious and watched the kids which allowed Melissa and I to go out for a couple dates while we were there. Great times. The one thing about having kids this young is that I just never feel like I have enough quality time with Melissa; it feels like the time we do have together is when one if not both of us are dead tired and it doesn't lead to stimulating conversation. Anyways, good time seeing the family, Bart got lots of books and Melissa lots of gift cards for Christmas.

Then off to Canton on the 24th to hang with my family. My brother and his wife just had a baby boy so we were pumped to be able to see him. Christmas day was interesting because Noah decided he didn't really want to open presents with the rest of us, and Leah wasn't super happy either. Eventually they came around, but I think all the new stuff/people was starting to wear on them.

Back to columbus on the 26th to pack and crash.

Then off to Indianapolis on the 27th through the 1st for IndyCC, which is our annual conference of 2000ish students from the great lakes region. The traveling is really starting to wear on us, to be honest. It was fine when we were married without kids but everything just gets so much crazier when you have two kids and they need naps/food/diaper changes/whatever else.

Then back to Columbus for a few days until we flew to Dallas from the 6th-11th. We were there for summer project directors training (we're directing in Venezuela). We took Leah and Noah went to live with Grandma and Grandpa for those 6 days. Really good conference; we feel like we learned a lot and are a bit more prepared/excited about the summer.

Finally we're all at home and can catch our breath. Bummer is we're in week 3 of the quarter and ministry is definitely underway so we don't have much time at all to relax. If you could pray we wouldn't start working on fumes that would be great.

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