Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Shadle tidbits

-Noah is ginormous. Dude is doing all kinds of fun stuff. He has begun creating sentences which is quite fun for us. Last night, he let me throw him around for about 20 minutes which was quite the breakthrough; usually he just doesn't like "roughhousing." He has been a great brother too.

I ran 3.75 miles today. Felt really good. I'm starting to run again after my 26 day rest (1 day for each mile!). I'm leaning towards the Cincy Flying Pig marathon on May 1st. Yes, I'm hooked.

Ministry has been amazing. Really. Amazing. We have 16 guys coming out to the small group in one dorm and around 9 or 10 to another. In my ten years on south campus I've never seen or heard of anything like that. These aren't just regular dudes either; they're already actively sharing their faith and trusting God to move on their floors and in their dorms. This is gonig to be a fun year.

And the guys in my Action Group (older students that are leaders of those small groups) are, to a man, having just great years. So much has changed from last year sometimes I just pinch myself. God is seriously on the move on south campus at OSU.

We're heading to staff conference this weekend. We're excited because the hotel we stay at has an indoor water park which will be just a blast for Noah. I'm pumped.

I'm reading "Eat, Pray, Love" right now. Don't laugh. I've been gaining moe interest in these super popular books since reading "No Impact Man." I think if I'm to be reaching out to a community with the rescuing hope of Jesus it should be good to know at an even deeper level where exactly Jesus wants to penetrate. The book has actually shed some light on a few things for me: women, depression, and the way the world thinks about "purpose in life" just to name a few.

Leah is an angel. Seriously, she is just about the best baby ever. Was sleeping through the night I think even before one month, eats great, and is just all smiles. I love this house. My family rocks.

The Browns have got me excited. Peyton Hillis plays football the way it's meant to be played. The last few years I haven't cared much about the NFL because of the league rules and guys like Brady and Manning have turned it into a wierd sort've track and field with a ball. Hillis brings that old school smash mouth stuff back and it's quite fun to watch.

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