Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Our current lives

More on the spring outreach tomorrow. For now I'll catch anyone that reads this up on our lives.

Noah is huge. Around 30 pounds and the dude knows how to throw it around. We're starting to have a lot more son/daddy roughhousing and I'm a huge fan of that. He is nearly 2! He's saying all kinds of stuff and getting much better at communicating. He has this big truck that tows other cars around and that's been his favorite toy lately; he loves stacking the cars on there and towing them around. Also loves eating rocks.

Our summer assignment is coaching our interns and stinters (those going on one-year mission trips abroad) on their support raising. It's a job I rather enjoy actually. It's fun to have a front row seat during this process of their lives and watching God show up. Our movement is sending 13 students overseas for the next year to plant ministries! In total we're coaching 21 students throughout the summer. It's keeping us pretty busy. We're actually not even quite done with school yet, OSU's finals week is next week, so we've been pretty busy lately trying to begin to coach those in support raising and simultaneously finish up the year.

We're due July 12th for baby number two. Pretty sure it'll come early and we're ok with that solong as it's not really early.

I'm training for the columbus marathon and sometimes I think I'm nuts. Just got back from a 3 mile trek. Also started up Koine (New Testament) Greek and I've been loving that lately. Seriously.

We just spent our 5th anniversary getting a hotel in Lima this past weekend. Sad, I know, but it was actually quite a good time. We went there because we could drop Noah off at Melissa's parents and already be at our destination. We didn't want to have to spend our little time together traveling or anything. It was awesome to have about 36 hours of unhindered Melissa time. Man I love my wife.

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A Jam C said...

If you're using Mounce for Greek, you're going to love it a little bit less around chapter 6. But it is still pretty sweet.