Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's begun

So we're 37 weeks pregnant and I (Melissa) went to the doctor today for one of my normal appointments. Everything is as usual. I'm measuring a little small still but within the normal range. I'm dialated 2 cm and she said I could go really any time. I've been experiencing cramping for the last week so I know my body has been getting ready, just like it did with Noah. I'm not really sure I'm ready for labor again though....

And speaking of which, they informed me today that the hospital requires a doctor to deliver me as opposed to a midwife, which I'm not a fan of. Midwives are always so much more personal. Plus, probably 5 of the 6 in the practice would let my sister actually deliver the baby, so that would be fun (since she's a midwife...just not in Columbus). So please pray that all the details of labor/delivery would get worked out so that I can have a midwife again like I did with Noah. It was such a good experience and I'm hoping for a similar one with this baby.

It's hard to believe that we're 3 weeks away from our due date. Where did the time go? I think the baby's room is ready and the car seats are ready as of today, but what on earth? How do you really prepare for things like this? I have no idea. But we have decided on names. Levi for a boy and Leah for a girl. It was a pretty easy decision once we finally sat down and talked about it. Bart's kind of picky. :)

So please pray for us. We need it. We need grace to approach this new journey we're about to embark on. And Noah will have a transition as well. We're praying he handles it as well as a toddler can. He's a champ though, so I think he'll be ok. We're not too sure about ourselves though.....haha

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A Jam C said...

I know you don't like knowing the sex of your baby in advance so I won't say anything... just know that you'll be naming your child Levi.