Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's been a while. Things have been busy. We're about 5 weeks into fall quarter at OSU and it's been a roller coaster so far. We're feeling like we're getting used to our schedules. This past weekend we didn't have anything scheduled so we decided to have some fun. Two sweet gals said they would baby-sit on Friday night so we went to dinner and went shopping. It was pretty awful going shopping because I needed some dress shirts and I hate shopping in general, let alone trying to find shirts that fit and I like. But I did enjoy spending time with Melissa.

Then on Saturday, we went to a farm. They had pumpkins, rides, slides and animals. Noah had a blast. He really enjoyed the animals and some of the rides. Really, I think he enjoyed playing in the corn the most. And I, of course, enjoyed throwing Melissa's mom in it too! We have a video of that but I'll need to download it.
Taylor, Seth, Melissa & Noah on the banana bus

Going down the slide, he wasn't very impressed.
Taylor, Noah & Seth

Playing in the corn!

There were goats and pigs and cows and bunnies and donkeys.

Then Saturday evening we had two other sweet gals baby-sit and we went to a coffee shop for a few hours. It was so amazing to get to have two date nights in a row. We were pretty pumped. It was a pretty sweet weekend. Oh, yeah, and Noah is officially walking. We have a few videos but they're pretty long and I don't really want to torture anyone. We'll try to get a short one. He's pretty awesome!

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