Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to blogging

I have LL Cool J's "Going back to Cali" in my head as I titled this post. I'm going, going, back back to blogging blogging.

I have lots and lots of thoughts from this last week and a half at CSU for crusade's national staff conference. Tim Keller was bringing it, as was just about everyone else I talked to.

Starting a diet tomorrow. Crusade has a wellness program in which they're willing to donate $5 to our staff account for every pound lost between now and January 1st. Sounds like incentive to me to lose 30 lbs or so! I'm probably around 225, but I'll officially weigh-in tomorrow and keep you updated. Eating at a cafeteria buffet all week definitely was not good for me, and neither was knowing the official weigh-in is august 1st; it made me want to chow-down until then. I haven't decided if I'm getting a gym membership or not, I'll go check it out today. I'm just considering running more and lifting a bit, but I'll add some junk into that should I get a gym membership.

Deeper thoughts coming tomorrow.


Meredith said...

WOW - that is awesome incentive! What happens if you gain some - do you have to pay them back? Hehe ... just motivation to keep it off, rigt? :)

Jarrod said...

You need to sign up and run the Columbus Half Marathon with me in October! That's incentive in itself. You can do it.

A Jam C said...

Planet Fitness is $10/month... worth it IMO