Saturday, May 23, 2009

A little hodgepodge

Lots of things running through my mind today. Though lists are generally considered poor writing, nonetheless, in no particular order:

-I ran one mile today in 7:50 or so and it absolutely kicked my rear. Boy am I in bad shape. I ran 1.5 more after that, though not nearly as fast.

-Noah is doing all kinds of stuff. He's pulling himself up to his feet instantly, climbing over things, making funny faces, and even walking sideways along things after he pulls himself up. We're excited. Currently he's screaming in his crib because he's been hating naps lately; he just wants to play.

-Lebron gave me some hope last night for Cleveland sports. For whatever reason I still feel like we're doomed in this series but that was an awesome shot.

-We're praying for $500 monthly to come in by Monday night. Join us in that prayer?

-Melissa is on a garage sale kick lately. So much cheap baby stuff!

-I started an online class to supplement my times with the Lord each day. I'll talk about this more in future blogs I'm sure, but I'm taking Church History from Covenant Seminary. It's free!

-I also ordered two commentaries from Darrell Bock on Luke. I'm planning on working on that in Action Group with the guys next year.

-Currently reading "The Reason for God" by Tim Keller. I'm planning on talking about that in future blogs also.

-Melissa bolted straight up in bed again last night (again undertaker style). She got out of bed and walked over to the window slowly, did a slow spin move, and proceeded half way around the bed. I sat up (because I got to bed late from the Cavs game) and said, "what are you doing?" She replied "Oh, just my normal routine" then climbed back into bed. I love this woman.

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