Wednesday, March 11, 2009

story number two

The little dude loves to be lifted up.
We have a pantry that sits on our kitchen floor. It's about 6 feet tall and has tons of heavy things in it, so we decided it would probably be a good idea to fasten it to the wall somehow since Noah will soon be grabbing things, we'd rather not have him crushed under our panty.
So we go for a walk the other day (we've been doing this quite a bit recently because the weather is awesome, and we decide to stop at the local hardware store to see if they have anything that could accomplish our desired task. We have Noah with us in the stroller.
The guy that helps us actually looks a bit like Dwight Shrute from The Office. Chubbier, but totally Dwight. He's using all this technical jargon and I feel totally emasculated. One time he even chuckled when I responded to something he said. He said when we screw the pantry into the wall, we may need to "shim" it. I said, "Shim?" He didn't conceal his laughter. Tried, but failed.
Anyways, he hands us these 2 inch screws and a couple washers and some twisty/foldy things to put on the screws (see how technical and handymanish I am?). The total comes to 94 cents. That's less than a dollar. He says thanks, hands them to us, and walks away to help another customer. We talk for a minute, decide the screw things proably won't hold it, put them back and leave.
I noticed from my peripheral that as we were leaving the chubby Dwight Shrute worker man was staring at us. I though nothing of it. We get stared at a lot when we have Noah.
So Melissa and I saunter away. Seriously, this was one leisure stroll. Unbeknownst to us, we were being followed. Dwight and probably his store manager caught up to us about 300 yards down the road. We were quite a bit away. The manager asks me, "did those screw-things (I don't remember what he called them obviously) work out ok for you?" I turn and reply, "Huh? No, her dad doesn't think they'll hold, he has something else in mind." I notice he has a notepad with him. He asks, "So you don't have them?" "No," I reply and feel kind've wierd. I ask if he wants to check my pockets or something. He asks, "So you put them back?" "Yeah I put them back right where we got them?" Dwight speaks up, "No you didn't. We have someone circling around the store and they said they didn't see you put anything back." I just kind've looked at them. The manager was eventually like "Sorry, we were just checking, we have a right to do that," and they walked away.
Craziness. Fun story, but it was a bit ridiculous. Do you seriously think we walked to your hardware store, with a baby, to steal 94 cents worth of merchandise and then saunter away!?!? We were even a bit mad for an hour or so. It's a bit embarassing to be accused of theft, especially for something so petty. Eventually our pride fell and we cared not, but man.
Keep your goods close when the notorious heisters The Shadle Family roll into your town!


Meredith said...

Ohhh ... it's all making sense to me now. You stole my burp rag, didn't you???????? ;)

Chris Smith said...

haha, that's hilarious!!!!!!!!

Brenda Barnett said...

I don't think I want Adam hanging out with Noah anymore...he may be a bad influence! LOL