Thursday, February 12, 2009

My life, part 1

Here we go, let's dive into who I am and how I came to be this way:

Born in 1981, so that's makes me 27. We grew up in Canton, Oh until I was about 5 and then we moved to East Canton.

Childhood was good. I remember playing a LOT of sports, mostly basketball, football and baseball. We played quite a bit of video games too, I remember. Old NES games like Zelda, Tecmo Bowl and Punchout! were always favorites in our house. My brothers and I (I have 2, and 2 sisters as well) would play sports games and would actually create our own leagues in these games. We had one for just about every sport. I remember playing Lakers v Celtics for the Sega Genesis and I would be playing my older brother while my younger brother kept stats. So, everytime someone would score we would say it, so that my younger brother could write it down. Remember this was before sports games even kept track of season stats.

"David Robinson, rebound and 2 points." "Hersey Hawkins 3." "Hersey Hawkins steal and 3 more." It was crazy. Not sure how we got into that, but man was it fun. Added the competition of the game, plus fed a hobby of all ours, which to seemed to be statistics and math (Dad being a math teacher probably didn't hurt). At the end of the year we'd name players MVP, rookie of the year, etc. Quite fun, terribly nerdy now that I write it out, but quite fun. And I'm sure this is how we all got so interested in fantasy football and fantasy baseball. Todd and I (my younger brother, he's only 1 year younger) did pretty much everything together. It was pretty cool to always have someone to do something with, whether it was playing Madden video games or riding bikes, we seemed to be together all the time.

I was exactly in the middle of us 5 kids. It's a little strange though because I don't think I have a ton of "middle child" tendencies. Probably because my older brother was 5ish years older than me and my old sister was 3is years older and then Me, my younger brother and my younger sister were all one year apart. I think in a way I was the "oldest" child of the three of us, so I didn't have a usual middle-child upraising. I definitely did have a "middle child" tendency in the sense that I don't think I ever had a good grasp on who I really was as a person. I often felt like another cog in the wheel. That was never a bad thing for me, nor is it now, but I felt like I had a hard time finding an identity. More on this I'm sure will come...

Our house was sort've the neighborhood gathering spot cause we had a decent size yard. It made a good football field. And we also has a basketball hoop which measured out free-throw and 3-point lines. Often we'd have tournaments. I even remember us playing basketball in the snow quite often.

Sports and video games were my life though, with little else mattering to me at all. More tomorrow.

Anyone else have a similar childhood?

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