Friday, February 06, 2009

Fun stuff

I've had a great day today thus far. My brother is coming over now, and we're planning on getting Adriatico's pizza for dinner, so it's only going to get better.

Spent a huge chunk of the morning at a coffee shop called Cornerstone near broadway on high. Great little place for anyone interested. Worked on support stuff for the better part of 3 hours and headed home to hang with Melissa and play with our boy. And no I didn't make him cry.

Read a little, played a little Sim City 4 (I'm currently building Shadlefarmland next to Melissaville and Bartland), watched the Office (oh I'm liking Andy more and more) and just relaxed. Quite a fun day. I'm sure tonight will entail some Ticket to Ride or perhaps Age of Empires III. Good times.

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Jarrod said...

So I take it Adriatico's pizza doesn't count as fast food? Or is that resolution broken?