Sunday, January 11, 2009


I've just started a book called Heaven by Randy Alcorn and I already love it if only because he's pointed out some of the mistaken beliefs I have in the afterlife.

I'm only two chapters in, but my main misconception was that Heaven was this crazy place where you sit on clouds and strum harps and stuff. Ok, so I didn't really believe that, but it wasn't drastically different. I know we have bodies and places and stuff, but beyond that my understanding of Heaven is totally deficient.

Have you ever sung the song I could sing of you love forever? I've been in services where that song has been played quite a bit and it always depresses me a bit. Forever?! I have to sing, forever? Man that doesn't sound like very much fun at all. CS Lewis says, "Most of us find it very difficult to want 'Heaven' at all-except in so far as 'Heaven' means meeting again our friends who have died." He's right, I don't really want to sing forever, or do any one thing forever, it sounds kinda boring.

I'm being a bit drastic about my little knowledge of Heaven, but nonetheless, I'm no theologian on the subject either, which is why I'm excited about this book. Over the next few weeks or so I'll probably be posting things that grab my heart regarding the afterlife and the world to come. Join me in excitement about what's to come.


A Jam C said...

Good book... Sarah just finished it a couple of days ago.

[ruth anjali esther] said...

I've been wanting to read that book, and almost got it at christmas conference. 2 years ago we did a "echo for eternity" theme at christmas conf. and a lot of the speakers mentioned that book/shared from it. let me know what you think!