Monday, January 19, 2009

The Great Divorce

I've been on a bit of a Heaven kick lately, and since I'm reading Heaven by Randy Alcorn, I thought I would start The Great Divorce by CS Lewis also. Turns out I read it in two days. Sometimes I get like that about books. I just absolutely can't put them down. I finished the last Harry Potter in about 36 hours.

What a great book. I've read The Great Divorce a few years ago and remember how much it shaped me. The way Lewis approaches Heaven is totally different than what Alcorn is doing, so it was really the best of both worlds. The Great Divorce is, really, a challenge to live more for the only thing that matters, that being Christ. Whereas Alcorn's book is more of a systematic theology of Heaven.

The Great Divorce is about a man who enters onto a bus, not knowing the bus is headed to heaven. His co-passengers are ghosts, as he is. When they arrive at Heaven they find everything very bright and hard. Their ghostly bodies cannot handle Heaven. And then they have a decision to make. Will they give up all, to begin to "solidify" and come to Christ? Will they throw aside the various things that entangle them, and choose the better?

A main theme of the book is that if you want to be in Heaven, having the understanding that Heaven is an eternity getting to know and be known by Christ, than you will go. But the decision lies with you. Will you be, as Lewis often says, "far to easily pleased" with the lesser things of the world? It is your choice. The decision's people face and the things people must come to terms with hit home for me on more than one front.

Awesome book and I definately recommend it to anyone with 3-5 hours as it's only 140ish pages.
Noah agrees! Or he has a question?


A Jam C said...

That's funny Bart. Our Bible Study was on Heaven tonight. It was a good time. BTW, it's "definitely," not "definately." I'm not usually like that with spelling, but that word haunts me.

Bart Shadle said...

thanks! always wondered the correct spelling, just never cared enough to look it up. Pretty sure I've messed it up numerous times even in the last few blogs. Ha!

Miss you man, how are the guys?

Meredith said...

Cute pic!