Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A needed reminder

It's funny just quickly searching other people's blogs how many are focused around the "reason for the season", and they point out how we need to keep in mind just exactly what Christmas is about.  It's funny to me how Christians always feel the need to point out what should be absolutely obvious.  It's like we're so forgetful and aloof and worldly that we need to be reminded, "Oh yeah, this Christmas season is about the Christ that I've fully dedicated my life and will to."

I'm not saying this to bash anyone, and I truly hope this is not received that way.  If anything, the motives of these preachers, pastors, radio people and Christian bloggers are pure.  They are trying to reunite people with the ultimate reality of the universe.  They are pointing out what everyone inherently knows they ought to do: Take some time this holiday season and meditate on the majesty of Christ.  Meditate and think on His greatness and His love.  Be with Him.  Stop the excitement over new toys and games and days off from work and be with the only One who satisfies, the true longing of our hearts.

But we need to be reminded.  We can get so wrapped up in everything.  From the decorations, to the gifts, traveling, money, traffic and snow, this time of year can be a whole lot more hectic than others, and thus, makes it even harder to concentrate on the things that matter.  That's why these "reminder people" are doing a good work.  To me it just breaks my heart that it even needs said.

One church celebrated Christmas last year with perhaps little outwardly to rejoice over.  They had been attacked 14 times.  Their pastor had been wounded.  In fact, they kept buckets of water in the back of the sanctuary just in case.  In case of what?  Well, when their attackers would lob "Molotov cocktails" (bombs made with gasoline-filled bottles) into their sanctuary, they would use the water to quickly squelch the flames.  Then they would return to worship.  These were the prices of being a born-again Christian.  Of being someone who loved Christ.

This church was in Bethlehem.  The same Bethlehem that our Christ was born.

During this time of celebrating the birth of Jesus there is still singing in Bethlehem; "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!" (Luke2:14)

So I join the throng of people to remind you to remember the reason.  Remember Christ.  Let us sing together with them.

-parts of this taken from the "Voice of the martyrs" magazine.  Check it out!

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